Our Story

Grazing Girls is a family owned and run business operating for over 4 years in the Scenic Rim. Neil, one of the founding owners, found pasture raised free range eggs an interesting concept and was keen on exploring this further. His background in welding and structural steel and also his love of farming meant he builtĀ his own chicken caravansĀ and soon the concept of Grazing Girls became a reality.

OurĀ hens are moved every few days to fresh pasture in order to regenerate the land. They areĀ kept inside at night in order to protect them from any potential predators and are free to forage, roam and dust bathe throughout the day. We have a stocking density of less than 800 hens per hectare which allows our hens plenty of space to roamĀ the land. They're fed a nutritious blend of grain and pellet mix while also consuming a natural diet of insects and grasses.Ā 

Due to Covid-19 wholesale customer sales had dropped enormously. This led the business to transition into offering home egg delivery to certain suburbs.Ā The areas of delivery have grown considerably over the last two years with Grazing Girls eggs now made available inĀ a variety ofĀ local farm gate stalls and online fruit & vegetable grocers. We are passionate about sustainable agriculture and love that we can provide fresh eggs direct from the farm to your door.Ā